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Customer: Rebecca 01/17/23

First I want to say how much I LOVE the dream cream. So so glad I gave it a chance! A little goes a long way and keeps my hands hydrated like nothing else! Even my husband (who works in health care and has grossly dry hands from sanitizers and hates lotions) has started using it.

And an extra thanks for the sample of citrus salt scrub. It feels fantastic and I am a huge fan of anything citrus! 

It is so awesome to know I'm getting a clean and effective product with the bonus that it is from a supporter of the salty cracker.

Customer: Mark 11/16/22

As part of for gift for our 33rd wedding anniversary I gave her some of your face cream. I don’t know what it’s called I just ordered it because salty advertised it. She loves it she says it heals her face up quick but she doesn’t use it that fast I was going to get her more for Christmas. Got any ideas for another gift cause I’m sold on your product she’s a happy camper.

Customer: M Roux 08/31/22

I received my order today and it's awesome! ;D My husband wants to use it and that's not happening. Now I just have to decide what other product to try ;)

Customer: J Juarez 08/31/22

We found our Tallow Dream Cream (and other treasures) in our mailbox today! Thank you! Great problem solving with the ice pack, BTW. ;) The body butter arrived  in prime condition and (if you don't want me to to mail it back) my husband intends to use that in his lunchbox. We love the scent of the butter, and it is truly like clouds in a tub. Just like Salty told us it was. Hubby has slathered it everywhere his skin is dry, particularly on his head, which he shaves regularly. Says it feels aaamazing. ;) Again, thank you so much. And thank you for the lip balm bonus - himself stole it and I haven't seen it since I used it the first time. 

Jeez. ;D

We will definitely be returning customers. Again and again.


Customer: #rnV2 9/11/22

Great customer service. Product was Top Notch.

Customer: J Brown 10/10/22

I've tried so many products over the years. My skin and hair are really dry, always have been. I love, love, love these products. The face cream and butter are amazing. My beautiful old dog loves the foot stuff, her pads are getting soft and she is not liking them so much. My favorite is the beard cream (weird because I don't have a beard). I had breast cancer twice in two years. All the treatment ruined my hair. I only wash my hair a couple of times a week. I rub the beard cream on my scalp and put some on the ends before I wash it. So amazing. Much less breakage, I can comb it easily. Hoping it will get thicker. I was also amazed they left hand written notes. I love spending money with real people.

Customer: W Lydick 10/28/2022

Hi, I received my order yesterday and it arrived in good shape. I used some this morning after my shower. Mostly legs and arms and a bit on my face. I love it. I tried to use it sparingly even though I wanted to dive in. Let the Tallow Flow. 

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