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Tallow Dream Cream Beard Balm

Tallow Dream Cream Beard Balm

A great beard generally requires maintenance and care. Not only do you need to keep it trimmed with cleaned edges and lines, but the facial hair and skin need beard products to remain softer and healthier.

Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm

A common question is whether it’s better to use beard balm or beard oil. Many men would tell you that they use both for a softer beard. The main difference between beard balm and oil is that beard balm offers a styling hold that keeps your beard appearing neat and clean.

Beard oil will help to condition and soften your beard while keeping the hair healthy and free from split ends. Beard oil also tends to make the beard smell good from essential oils while moisturizing the skin to prevent dandruff and ingrown facial hairs.

You get both benefits!

Using both can help to achieve a very soft and healthy beard that looks good and feels nice to the touch.

This skin nourishing body butter contains vitamins A, D, K, E and B12. Rich in minerals and contains Stearic acid which helps to repair damaged skin, and improve skin's flexibility and suppleness. Help keep your skin nourished. 2.8 ounces


Directions: Apply generously to areas in need of moisture. A little goes a long way. Enjoy!

This also works great on split ends and fly always! Something the whole family can enjoy 😊

This product is made with ingredients that allow it to soften at around body temperature. During hot spells, it may melt. Store in a cool, dry area and enjoy!

If your product softens or melts, don't worry. Simply place it in a cold location such a refridgerator for a long enough time to firm up agian.


Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef Tallow, *Shea Butter, *Coconut Oil, *Bee’s Wax, *Therapeutic Grade Essential Frankinsence Oil, *Therapeutic Grade Essential Orange Oil.

* Indicates Organic

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